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You know.. For kids...

Gloves - Tamagosenbei - Plush Gloves GachaGarden

Slippers - Tamagosenbei - Plush Bear Slippers GachaGarden

Tv Head - Tamagosenbei - Plush TV Head (RARE) GachaGarden

Scarfs - Tamagosenbei - Rainbow Puke Scarf GachaGarden

Face Bandaids - Tamagosenbei - Bear Bandaids (Omega Blush Applier) GachaGarden

Stuffed Bear - Tamagosenbei - Plush Bear w/Bento hold GachaGarden

Rug - Candydoll - Fancy Rug (Pink) Marketplace

Plastic Chair - titzuki - Vapoolwave Gacha (14/ Plexi Chair Black+White) *No longer for sale*

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