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Friday Night Gurus .

Hair - Letituier - Mcqueen Hair *Edited*

Choker - David Heather - Queen Choker (Gold) *Bought on MP as Gacha*

Top - R2 - Yayoi top (Gold) R2

Robot Arms - CUREMORE - Selenopolis Maschinenmensch Arms (RARE) *Bought on MP as Gacha*

Pantie - David Heather - Queen Panties (Gold) *Bought on MP as Gacha*

Robot Leg - Azoury - Zowi WhoreCouture

Heels - Ncore - STILETTO (Metal Toe Cap) Marketplace

Tattoo - CURELESS - Synthetic Angels Transangelism (RARE) *Bought on MP as Gacha*


Experimental Body Monitor (RARE)

Experimental Hologram

Experimental Workspace

*Bought on MP as Gachas*

Planet Projectors - Isil Designs;

Planetarium Hologram (Milky Way) RARE

Planetarium Hologram (Neptune) COMMON

Planetarium Hologram (Venus) COMMON

*Bought on MP as Gachas*

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