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V's Diner .

Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Katy - Colors&pastels (Bang Style 1) @Sintiklia

Hat - Azoury - Thuringwethil Headwear (Black) @Azoury

Outfit - Junbug - Olenna Top [Ink] Maitreya & Olenna Skirt [Ink] Maitreya @Junbug

Gloves - B1 - Latex Gloves and Leggings @B1

Building & Props - FAKEICON - Csepel Booze Station Gacha Set @6 Republic

1. hut RARE - resize script, 36 LI Touch the door to open. Front: "Vote for anyone, the system will remain shit!" By door: "I love you my Teddy Jizz"

2. neon logo - modify, 18LI

3. bus stop sign - modify, 2LI

4. booze stop sign - modify, 2LI

5. ashtray - resize script, 1 LI

6. posters - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked Red with skull: "Public Association Against Alcohol Section : Beware of any kind of spirit, all are dangerous!" Red text: "Alcohol kills, dulls, pushes into poverty! Self aware proletarian, intelligent missus, sober minded youngster fights against alcohol with their whole strenght." Green: "Carefully lock it up from children!"

7. info papers - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked Itallap: Means bewerage list Wi-fi paper: "Human-friendly pub, NO WI-FI, talk to each other!!!"

8. old drunk - modify, 7LI

9. young drunk - modify, 9LI

10. beer bottles - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked

11. lard bread - modify, 1LI Hungarian basic food, most affordable. Bread with pork fat, paprika powder and raw onion rings.

12. palinka bottles - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked Strong hungarian alcoholic drink made from fruits. Pear, plum and apricot.

13. union bottles - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked Bitter shot with herbs

14. standing table - modify,

15. shot glasses - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked

16. hungarian warning signs - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked Brown: "We don't accept complaints after payment!" Purple: "No credit" Cigarette: "Smoking is PROHIBITED within 5 meters around the entrance!"

17. english warning signs - modify, unlinkable, 2LI linked

18. shelf - modify, 3 LI

19. beers and shots - modify, unlinkable, 3LI linked

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